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Super Mario World is a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  


After the events of Super Mario Bros 3. the brothers (And peach) go on a restful vacation in "Dino Land".  While the brothers are on a walk, Princess Peach gets stolen and the brother look for them and they find Yoshi.  They befriend Yoshi and they defeat Bowser and save the princess.  They all live happily ever after!


Alot likely to Super Mario Bros., but Yoshi is ridable and you can fly with the Cape Feather.  The grahics are also slightly better.  On Yoshi you can also eat things and spit stuff out.  If you get enough fruit which hangs on bushes then you can poop an egg and a 1-up comes out.  Also you collect Dragon Coins and when you get five you get to do a extra level and you get an extra life.  Also after a level is beaten you get some points and after 100 you get an extra game.  After you beat a world you save a Yoshi and deafeat one of the Koopalings.  You also have a Spin jump as a alternate jump.

The scene that appears after Mario beats a world.

New things

Yoshi is a new item and character.

Bowser's Koopa Clown car makes its first appearence in this game.

This is the first SNES Mario game.

Cape Feathers make an appearence.  

The final battle.

Overall Rating

This game was rated a very good game.  A Must Have for classic lovers and a Mario lover's favorite. 


  • In 2002, Nintendo remade the game as a second counterpart to Super Mario Advance. 
  • There are Over 2,19909908098 hacks of this game since 2006, the year Lunar Magic was released.
  • Luigi's overalls were Indigo in this game.
  • The Project HELLO uses these graphics.