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Super Mario Sunshine is a game where you have to collect shine sprites.
Super mario sunshine



One day while Mario,Toadsworth,Princess Peach, and the Toads were on a vacation when they came the island was polluting.  Mario meets a robot named F.L.U.U.D.  Mario and F.L.U.U.D then battled a big goob monster.  When they go to the main island they notice that the Shinesprites were gone because "Mario" stole them.  But it was not Mario.  It was Shadow Mario who is Bowser Jr..  Bowser Jr.  Claims that Peach is his Momma .  Mario then collects shinesprites and cleans up the island with F.L.U.U.D.  Soon Peach gets stolen.  After all episode 7s are completed in the game you go to the boss level.  You fight Bowser.  After you when Bowser tells  Bowser Jr. that Princess Peach is not his momma.  The game then ends with joy.


Spin offs

Super Mario Galaxy is a spinoff to Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was soon released as well.