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File:Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii Trailer - Super Mario Galaxy Commercial

A green Luma.


Super Mario Galaxy is a game set in space. Mario must save Princess Peach along with the help of Rosalina, a star queen with a mysterious past, and Luma, star-shaped characters that are uber adorable!!  It is a sequal to Super Mario Sunshine.


The gameplay is simaler to Super Mario Sunshine.  Mario gets the ability to Spin.  He gets that power from a Luma


A spin-off of Super Mario Galaxy is Super Mario Galaxy 2. It has a bit better ratings than the first, a 10/10 on


  • This was the first 3-d Mario game without Yoshi. printed in the December 1991 issue, detailed a fantasy game system called the Raw Power System, which would come bundled with a game titled Super Mario Galaxy, but in Peterford's words, would be "better known as Super Mario Bros. 24!"